26th March 2010:
Look at our little pet houses. Aren't they cute! These pet houses are for little toy puppies and inside them there will be food, water, toys, a window for looking at the good view as well as decorations and pictures too. The door is used as the entry for the house as well as air ventilaton. Some children in Room 14 are going to use their little pet house for their toy parrot, wombat and zoo zoo pets (instead of a puppy).



18th March 2010: We were visited by Sally and Alison from Oracle Pet Care today. They brought along a huge range of animals for the children to interact with (mice, rats, chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, frogs, newts as well as axolotls. The children learnt how to create safe and healthy pet enclosures for mice and rats. They had to think about many areas of animal well-being, including how to keep the animal from being bored. Here are some photos and videos which showcase the learning experiences from today.

Photo albums of our workshop

Miscellaneous photos

Making pet enclosures - photos

Holding the animals - photos

Our petcare workshop - videos

What a pet needs - video

Making a mouse enclosure - video

Holding mice - video

Our mice love their new homes! - video

Mice on wheels - video

Holding rats - video

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