16th September 2010:
Book Character Day (for Book Fair week)



Is that Hairy Maclary?
Is that Little Red Riding Hood?
Is that Clarice Bean?

Are there lots of kitty cats?
Who else do you recognise as characters
from books?

Time for switching on the creative brains!
13th - 14th September 2010:
Art Challenge time!
View The Shape Challenge together and decide upon one part of the body you all want to use as the shape which makes up a part of your creative piece of artwork. Maybe you all want to use the shape of the skull? Or a lung shape? Or the ulna bone? Two ribs? You will need to have a class vote to decide upon the shape you'll all use then someone can make a template up for you all to use. (What's a template? It's a shape to trace around - like we used with our kowhaiwhai artwork process. Remember?)
Once you all have the template really think about how you can use the shape to create the most fab piece of artwork. When the art is all finished you'll need to take a photo of each one and then the photostory experts can create a photostory of your creativity. Who would like to work with the experts to learn how to use photostory? You could be our next expert!

August 2010:
Here's the Dinosaur Football animation that the Alligators reading group created. They were inspired by one of their reading books 'In the Day of the Dinosaurs'. There are two animations. Which one looks the best? Why?

Do these videos inspire a new challenge in Room 14?

Do we like Dvolver?

Wordle: silvery

Nice work Isabella for creating Melissa's name with the math equipment!
What else can the children in Room 14 make with the equipment?
Who can be the most creative?

Wordle: Best Friends
Click here to see our Term One Art

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