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**'ee' sound**
'oa' sound

Chunking words

Try this link for the to, too, two practise
**to, too, two quiz**‚Äč

All children - go to this website to practise vowels, blends and other phonics. Phonics Activities
Here is an online activity where you need to make a decision about whethe the missing word is their, there or they're. there their they're

Homework expectations for children of Room 14 - a note from Melissa

Every day all children take home a reader book as well as a homework notebook (with spelling words and numeracy / basic facts) inside their book bag.

Children are expected to:

Read every night - children should be able to read their book with fluency. This means that the reading aloud should have some rhythm and the child is demonstrating a pause when they get to the appropriate punctuation. Parents please ask your child to retell the story on completion of reading. It is important for children to be able to retell a story in the correct sequence.

Practise spelling words every night - please refer to the front of the homework notebook on tips for learning spelling words. It is important for children to be able to both read and write each spelling word on their list. Spelling words are usually tested on a Friday morning.

Practise numeracy knowledge - the numeracy knowledge homework is found at the back of the homework notebook. This numeracy practise may not change each week as it often takes a few weeks to consolidate knowledge. There is a web link on the great website links page of this Wiki which helps with basic facts knowledge. Using Tutpup at home is encouraged for addition and subtraction basic facts consolidation.

I really appreciate the effort that both parents and children make in regards to homework.

From Melissa :)

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